Park Ji Hoon Will Play the Male Lead in New Drama ‘Love Revolution’

To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. It has been recently confirmed that Park Ji Hoon will be the star of the new drama adaptation of the webtoon, “Love Revolution! Based on the webtoon with the same title, “Love Revolution” is a romantic and unique story about teens who experience love, friendship, and the trials and tribulations of high school students. The story revolves mainly on Gong Joo Young, an adorable and endearing student who falls in love with a girl named Wang Ja Rim, an aloof and is quite a popular student in their high school. He confidently proclaims his love for Wang Ja Rim and will do anything to win her over.

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historical webtoons Our comics writers explore why Webtoon has become so popular, the creative opportunities of the vertical scroll format, and what other.

Episode Episode 40 baru keluar! Episode 1 Episode List. Running Man Ep 31 Engsub. Manhwa is the Korean word for comics. I Live Alone Episode Girl’s World. Lookism tells the story of an ‘ugly’ boy, Wen Shuai, who finally gets the courage to transfer after being bullied in his original school. The URL has been copied. Taejoon Park.

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He is an icy ceo, and she is a substitute bride. When the mobile era opened up webtoon manhwa adapted, taking advantage of the development of mobile devices. It has been announced that the Sweet Home Webtoon is head towards Netflix. It is the story of the war in the era of space between humans and creatures of unknown origin. There are some contents that the webtoon hasn’t revealed yet.

July 31, Read More » Hero Cantare – Naver Webtoon Mobile Game An up-to-date list of best and worst Age of Magic heroes composed by the top + Destruction – Relic 1: The Revolution – Relic 2: Double Dragon Kick. PvP: A​.

I like to go back to some completed Webtoons and re read and not have to face a cliff hanger or wait for next episode. These tombs consist of various relics that were all-powerful and soon the motion of getting into tombs, surviving the odds and achieving power, breaks into the world. Updated Daily! When the mobile era opened up webtoon manhwa adapted, taking advantage of the development of mobile devices.

I recently discovered a new type of romance webtoon for me, where the main female character travels back in time as herself or is reincarnated into the body of a girl in another world who is the villainess in a romance story. It follows a young woman named Zylith as she encounters, what she assumes to be, a person created by her imagination in her new apartment.

Choose your favorite category! After that, the site searched popularly in Korea, like Naver, Daum also embarked on designing an online comic introduction website, helping young artists with playgrounds to show their personality and talents. Please enter your username or email address. Meet the legendary webtoon game created with fantastic OST, animation and the best illustrations now!

Please check the official cafe for various events and game news. Ch; Vinland Saga action,adventure,historical,seinen follow this manga For comic fans and new readers alike, we are the only premium webtoon service with every genre imaginable – even BL, GL, and gore for comic maniacs! If you are a fan of Japanese manga, then you probably know the concept BL means Boys Love or Yaoi, a genre of manga mainly for women with content about gay relationships.

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Love Revolution webtoon talks about a shy but confident boy main character tries to flirts with a mean girl with no confidence or kuudere. However the shy boy fails to get along with the girl. But when they try to get along more, the girl has sympathy for the boy little by little. I wish this webtoon gets English translated because this story might be relatable towards some or many people. The art styles are adorable, and their parodies are hilarious. I think it’s cute to see a confident main character tries to impress his feelings towards a kuudere girl.

Date: Wednesday, 11 September, , pm ( pm and South Korea’s Immersive Webtooniverse and the New Media Revolution (Rowman.

Attendance on campus is strictly limited to permitted workers and exempt students; face masks must be worn at all times. If unwell, get tested and do not come to campus. The major South Korean Internet and mobile broadband portal Naver has developed a domineering webtoon platform that is accessible across multiple markets and in multiple languages. The study focuses in detail on the cultural intermediaries across the globe who are relaying a variety of Korean webtoon genres for fans spread throughout the world.

This case study demonstrates how developments in the webtoon industry are contributing symbiotically to the continued expansion of the Korean digital wave and the so-called platform economy in inconspicuous and uneven ways. Brian Yecies is an Associate Professor in Communication and Media at the University of Wollongong, where he teaches and researches on film and digital media, creative industries and cultural policy, as well as Big Data and digital humanities research methods.


The film about historic nationwide protests against the repressive military regime in June sold slightly over 1 million tickets from Friday to Sunday, taking the top spot at the box office for the first time since its release on Dec. It has so far drawn 5. Based on a popular webtoon of the same title, the fantasy blockbuster directed by Kim Yong-hwa tells the story of a righteous firefighter who is judged in seven hells for 49 days after his death, guided by three grim reapers.

Set in Mexico, the movie tells the story of a young boy named Miguel who wants to follow his dreams of pursuing music, despite his family not allowing it. The Hollywood adventure film “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” was pushed to fourth place with an audience of ,

Highly anticipated webtoon-turned-drama, Love Revolution finally lets us in on how the drama will look like, with its drop of script-reading shots.

No, the popular Chicago culture maven is moving into webcomics. With 10 million daily visitors, Webtoon is the latest and fastest growing entry into the expanding world of online comics. For creators, it can mean greater autonomy, more ways to monetize and far more platforms to choose from. A decade ago, webcomic creators often had to choose between either being wholly independent or tied to a publisher.

Each came with its own set of struggles: independence can mean having to hustle like hell, and working for a publisher opens you to possible exploitation. Hello, Kickstarter, Patreon, Ko-fi, et al.

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Park Ji-hoon showed off his good-looking appearance while catching the eye, even in the head of a gourd, in a regular school uniform. From the cast news of actors with warm appearances that resemble the original webtoon, they are already raising their expectations with appearances of actors. The cute dongle, hair style, school uniform, and backpack are transformed into a year-old high school student who never loses his mind, creating a warm smile with pure charm.

Matching colorful cardigans to neat school uniforms with neckties, creating a stylish look with black jumpers, and matching hooded T-shirts to admire casual cute styles with warm school uniform visuals.

The Korean “Wow Gum” featuring the Webtoon “Love Revolution” gum wrappers for Wow Gum (와우껌), and the characters were from a webtoon called Love Revolution (연애혁명). Solo Pocha- a Korean Blind Dating Pub.

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Webtoons Korean comics that are released weekly online are extremely popular in Korea. Famous Korean portal sites such as Naver Webtoon and Daum have huge communities that come online every day to enjoy these webtoons. Many webtoons have even been adapted into your favorite K-Dramas! Tower of God is about a boy, Twenty-Fifth Bam , who has spent his life trapped under a mysterious Tower, with only his friend Rachel to keep him company.

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